Lent reflections Day 2

Choosing life and thanks Almighty God who gaves us beautiful life.
What encourages us to make a choice?
Sometimes i think when we decided on something, we are risky leading to the dead end,but we have a different choices.Surrender anything to Him.
Remember the invitation of our God: “Choose life so that you and your descendants may live, loving the Lord your God, obeying him, and holding fast to him.” (Deuteronomy 30:19–20)


Today i would like to share my daily exercise-
Youversion helped me in many things when i go blind and feel down.

So what brings me life?
In  my situation, I got Love from Jesus who light up my life, brought me from the darkness Islamic world, and a sound mind from a cruel mindset, and also a freedom to think in clearly mind and excellent insight from Him encourages me to rejoice. Praised the Lord.

What takes life from me?
A persecution life surrounded us.Where many people mocking and blasphemy the real God.
When law of the earth is cruel, ruled weak people who is seeking their God.

Today i have read two books about Hitler and Stalin.Yes it sounds strange if someone knew me,because i am the one who hate politic and war genres hehe. But i think i have choosen the correct book today.It led me to a new thought about choosing the best for our life. Now i know both Hitler and Stalin were sent to seminary. Stalin’s mother especially and Hitler’s daddy prayed and wished for their son to be a priest, but they are totally changing the world by their political agenda. What in our mind now. From good to bad? Or what make a person choose evil way than good way?
They even hate church and their ideologies led them to brutal death and a great mental disorders- a deep depression.

As a mother, it also reminds me about Hanna who longs for her own bairn. She has a covenant with God, to gave her son. So she born a Samuel and sent him to Eli a priest in church. So everyone wish the best for their family.

What is your wish that God hasnt fulfill until today?ASK, and it will be given freely.God bless you.