Accepted a Will from Jesus…..

After my daddy passed away, i was given a Will to read. Its about a little property, land,  car and his saving money. The processes took three years after he died on 2012, so last year, it was a legal and confirmed that i got the authorities over some of that possessions. Thank you God for helping my mom and i. So today i was thinking about him and his will.
As we know when we write and make desicion on a Will, your will lets you decide what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death. For us, that only an earthly authority from our beloved so we could take care and continue what he has done when he was still alive. Well i have no more idea about it.

Btw i was in my study reading new book for this time. Its about a Will. Let me share again with you a snapshot



This book entertain us about their new journey to Mali and why? Just to fulfill a Will from their great grandma.
Erm whatever it is…. its just a Will from a real person.
What about a Will from our beloved Lord? Will you accept it and fulfill it without complaint?

But the real thing is a Will Jesus has written and authorize us now. It came in Matthew 28:19-20,


So let us pray God lead us in this way, a journey to fish people.Amen.