Prayer bullet, money blessing and kill the thief.

Being a Christian is not about chasing money. Unfortunately the thief is so active to steal our blessings when we are weak.
Money will come to seek you at any time we need it. This is one of our privilege I received when I made Jesus as my Lord. He gave me the right to come to His throne any time I want to. Now I boldly come before Him and obtain what I need.
Honestly my life is full of debts. I owed people’s, I owed several banks, and I was flooded with debts for 10 years. I was unemployed until now but I am happy. I am rejoicing in His love. I care nothing now – no depression any more, no tears.
Every day I pray for supernatural debts cancellations, but it seems nothing happen. Once I really envied with many Christians on internet, when they testified about their supernatural debts cancellations. Or when they are praying, bum! After that they got $$$$$$ to pay their outstanding bills etc.
Well I am no more envy. I am rejoicing God had helped me now, just like them, just like you may be  Congratulations! Praise Him.
I am now started to live comfortably in less, but I don’t feel any regret. God has lift up my burdens in 10 years, just in one year. Hallelujah! I love you Father! I really love you.
Let me share with you this prayer bullet. It so powerful when we know that our stolen blessings is a Satan’s work. Of course Satan will use any method to destroy us.
O Lord, dispatch your angels of fire and war to search the land of the living and the dead, locate my stolen blessings and restore them to me NOW in Jesus name.
From the east, from the west, from the north, from the south, O LORD raise up intercessors to stand in the gap for me in the name of Jesus.
Father in Heaven gave me $3928.00 yesterday morning. He restored my stolen blessing in three years from one of the government agency. Thank you!
After that, God bless me again with $70,000 in yesterday evening to pay my $23,000.00 debts. -JUST LIKE THAT! I feel like I was pass out when I heard this good news.
Every day is a good news from Father in Heaven for us- AMEN!!!
And…while I was writing this post today, I also prompted by a new message on my cellphone…BUMMMMMM I got another $300.00. Thank you Father…I really love you.
Honestly, I was overwhelmed with my poor financial situations this month. A little bit stress when you realized you are running out of savings, and your blessing has been stolen freely and easily by a devils! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
I don’t have any place/ person to complaint. I complaint to Father in Heaven.
I am using this weapon to fight devil which is our enemies hidden behind a bushes.
Lord’s prayer
Thanks Him for his provisions for me and my family
I storm the gate of breakthrough first with PSALM 24. I didn’t do in midnight hour (like Elisha Goodman has taught me in his email), I do when I feeI want to do.
Then PSALM 18, 46,69 and the longest Psalm 119 I recite every day.
Ending with Armor of God -Ephesian 6 and asking protection for the whole family with Psalm 91.
So today, I was celebrating my victory with Father.
I also want to pray for you -May the Lord grant your wishes, and answer your prayer quickly. May you always thankful Him and His praise shall continually on your lips. And may He open up your eyes to see His wondrous works for you today. Amen.
Praise the Lord who has not turn away my prayer, nor His mercy from me……….

#readingtime# The Book Thief

I have finished this book and it reminds me several times in my pasttime i was steal a library book. At that time no one buy me an English books because no one read English at my home. Forgive me God.Now time has change. God bless me with a plenty of books and a libraries near my home now. Tq Father. It looks like books has steal my time in return ha ha….(joking!
Okay let me share a snapshot for you and a movie from Youtube.

The book thief-a movie from youtube




From this second book, what a price for a royal thief got his arms executed?
The law has beat him.

Some inspiration from this site about stealing. The Sin of Stealing (Exodus 20:15)

Happy reading and God bless.

Accepted a Will from Jesus…..

After my daddy passed away, i was given a Will to read. Its about a little property, land,  car and his saving money. The processes took three years after he died on 2012, so last year, it was a legal and confirmed that i got the authorities over some of that possessions. Thank you God for helping my mom and i. So today i was thinking about him and his will.
As we know when we write and make desicion on a Will, your will lets you decide what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death. For us, that only an earthly authority from our beloved so we could take care and continue what he has done when he was still alive. Well i have no more idea about it.

Btw i was in my study reading new book for this time. Its about a Will. Let me share again with you a snapshot



This book entertain us about their new journey to Mali and why? Just to fulfill a Will from their great grandma.
Erm whatever it is…. its just a Will from a real person.
What about a Will from our beloved Lord? Will you accept it and fulfill it without complaint?

But the real thing is a Will Jesus has written and authorize us now. It came in Matthew 28:19-20,


So let us pray God lead us in this way, a journey to fish people.Amen.